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Dorden Squeegees
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Detroit, MI 48210

Here are some examples of our custom applications. We specialize in developing the ideal product to best suit your needs. Call our expert staff today to find out how we can design a tool that will meet your unique application. We are up to the challenge!

(top) “v” notched squeegees for applying epoxies and designs on concrete. Also used for roofing and sealing operations. For use with all of the heavier coatings.

(red) Special light-duty twist mount threaded socket handle.

(middle left) Open cell double foam sponge blades provide dual surfaces for cleaning uneven surfaces. Two (2) ” x 2” blades do the work. Great for uneven surfaces like floors with grouting, brick and ceramic tile. Not for abrasive surfaces that might tear and shred the blades.

(bottom right) Unique two-sided double-blade squeegee. Our unique design allows for quick replacement of either side of the squeegee rather than others that require you change the whole blade. Our two-sided double-blade squeegee is also unique for another reason, our conventional squeegee blades are used and the simple design allows our standard blades to be used as replacement parts. Far more user friendly and economical. Another unique feature is the angle of our dual purpose socket. Designed so that the squeegee can be used on either squeegee blade side without adjusting the handle angle. Optional brace available as shown.

(bottom left) Roof rake for snow removal. "As Seen on TV!"