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Gray, Black, Red or White, All Dorden floor squeegee blades are replaceable and interchangeable.   Each offers unique characteristics for your specific need.
Our uniquely formulated gray vinyl blade is non-absorbent and measures ” x 2”. This blade can be used where markings from conventional rubber blades may pose a problem. Better than gum rubber because it is non-absorbing vinyl; not too soft, but highly flexible and extremely versatile. Used by hospitals, clean rooms, processing plants, packing- houses and restaurants.

We use a specially blended long lasting black rubber compound that measures ” x 2”. Our versatile and multi-purpose blades are resistant to petroleum, paint, chemicals and animal fats. Great for smooth floors like cement or linoleum. Used by service stations, car washes, auto dealers, factories, shops and stores.

A natural red rubber compound has been formulated for this blade. This blade is thinner measuring 3/16” x 2”. This is the only conventional floor squeegee blade profile we offer that is less than ”. The red blade is also non-marking. This blade can be used for all smooth surfaces. Used in lighter industrial and commercial settings.

Our white blade is for you when only the best will do. Food grade FDA approved ingredients and a ” x 2” profile make this white nitrile floor squeegee the best in the business. Non-marking, non-toxic, resistant to vegetable oils, animal fats, animal and vegetable by-products. Used in the foodservice industry, restaurants, hotels, hospitals.